Terminating a civil liability (CL) insurance

Civil liability does not derogate from the rule of contracts. Only in certain specific cases will you be allowed to ask any insurance company to terminate your contract. 

And for those of you who are still having doubts about the usefulness of this insurance, the answer is here.

The grounds for termination of a private liability insurance 

Just like any other property insurance (household, car, legal expenses), contracts can be terminated for three reasons: 

  1. The risk no longer exists. If you decide to move abroad, your contract can be cancelled starting from your departure date. Make sure you remember to notify the insurance.
  2. The contract has a beginning and an end, it can thus be cancelled (or, not renewed) provided that you are within the deadline to notify your insurance of your desire to terminate this cover (three months).
  3. In the event of damage, you can ask for your contract to be immediately terminated, if you have received compensation from the insurer. 

Be careful: insurers can also terminate a contract after damage occurs if they consider you to be a risk for their company!

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