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Real estate in Switzerland: how does it work?

We all dream of leaving in our own home, someday. At first, it may feel unachievable: complicated process, too much equity to provide, too much paperwork. But then, out of the blue, or after "just out of curiosity" kind of researches, the luckiest end up finding the rare gem.

Additionally, we have all heard in the course of a family discussion or at a dinner with friends, that interest rates are currently at their lowest.

- Is this the proper timing to buy a home?
- Is it really worth it?
- How much equity do you contract a mortgage?
- How do I know if the bank will lend me the required amount?
- How does amortization work?

To answer all these questions, and more, we called on Noé! By the end of this article, you will know everything about property investment.

Skeleton of a mortgage

At least 20% equity, that’s the rule. But how to structure it? How to calculate interest rates? Should you rather go for direct or indirect amortization? Find all Noé’s clear and simple answers in the next sections.

Calculate your real estate solvency

How does the banker calculate your solvency? Noé explains it to you and provides you with a solvency simulator. Input the price of the property you have identified and estimate the income you need to apply for a loan!

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At the moment the rates vary approximately between:

Newsroom ?

Currenty, rates vary approximately between:


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