How much does household insurance cost?

While household insurance is one of the cheapest insurances, it is also one of the most precious ones. Though its cost can vary from single to triple depending on the value of your household inventory, on average, the cost ranges from 100 CHF to 200 CHF per year. That is just a few dozen CHF a month to insure the items in your household. 

Be careful with price comparators!

I would like to digress for a moment and talk to you about the very important topic of online price comparators. While they can turn out to be useful for getting a general view, the latter will always remain approximative. Indeed, comparators present two major issues: 

  • Unlike qualified and personalised advice, they do not take your wishes, personal situation or lifestyle into account. In short, what makes you unique. 
  • They do not apply any form of discount whatsoever, nor do they consider negotiation. Though they will show you the cheapest price on the market, it will always be higher than what you could actually have gotten, had you directly dealt with an insurer or, even better, a specialised advisor. 

Your environment can also make you benefit from big discounts: 

  • Combination discounts (several contracts concluded with the same insurer). 
  • Company discounts: your job can make you save money on the premiums you pay. 

Price comparators are good, personalised advice is better. A lot better.

Now that you have a better idea of the price-range of a household insurance. You also know that depending on your inventory and the choice of options you will select, the price could significantly vary. 

However, you should never forget to use the discounts offered by various companies. 

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