When and how can one terminate their household insurance?

Taking out and insurance can be a good thing, but it is even better to know the cancellation policy in advance. 

Terminating a household insurance: 

Just like any other insurance, the household inventory insurance can be terminated in three cases: 

  1. At the end of the contractual term (the termination request must be placed three months before the end of the time-period otherwise, if the deadline passes, the contract will be tacitly renewed). 
  2. If the risk disappears, if you decide to leave Switzerland, the contract will no longer be relevant and will be terminated on your last day. Do not forget to do the required paperwork process. 
  3. A cancellation in the case of a claim. After a claim, you will have the possibility to terminate your household insurance, once you received compensation. 
  4. One last less known point, which can work in some cases: grouping two insured persons under the same roof: if you decide to move in with your other half, you can ask to keep only one contract and cancel the other. 

Be careful: if, by some mischance, life keeps throwing unexpected events your way and, thereby, compensation claims at the insurance, the latter is also entitled to terminate the contract after a claim and no longer insure you for the future! 

Notice periods: 

Whether it be your membership at the Let’s Go gym or your phone subscription, every contract works the same way. 

There are fixed periods to terminate your insurances and, in most cases, it is necessary to ask for the cancellation of the policy at least three months before the final date. 

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