How much exactly does the Health Insurance Act of Switzerland (LAMal) cost?

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Unlike the French health insurance: the CMU, the LAMal is not based on your income. The contributions are fixed and dependent exclusively on the health insurance you picked and your personal situation. 

The price will thus only depend on: 

  • The selected insurance company;
  • Your age or, more precisely, your age range. 

The list of Swiss insurances 

If she decides to select a Swiss health system, you must choose which health insurer will ensure your health and you will have the choice between:

Table of Swiss health insurance companies insuring cross-border commuters under the Lamal

Pay attention, because though insurers must, according to the LAMal, cover the same risks for the same amounts, they remain free not to charge the same prices.

The differences in prices depending on the insurance selected can be massive. 

Oh, and by the way, if you are having doubts about the covers, go check out my article on the covers offered by the LAMal.

The prices offered by health insurance are valid for one civil year. Each year you will have the option to change insurers freely, provided the paperwork is done on time. 

Your age range 

For frontaliers there are three price categories per insurance. They exclusively depend  on your age: 

As you probably understood the higher your age range, the higher your contributions will be. 

The only question remaining is how to make a decision. 

Range 1 : Children until 18 years old 

Range 2 : From 19 to 25 years old 

Range 3 : From 25 years old onwards

How to make the right decision

You probably understood that in terms of care and reimbursements, you cannot go wrong. Unlike the French social system, the Swiss health system makes it mandatory for every insurer to offer the same level of service. 

However, prices being different, as a general rule, the best choice is the insurance offering the best rates…

Well yes, of course… But how do we know which one is the best rate?

You have to compare prices!

And remember, taking out an insurance does not mean you have to stay there for life! Each year you will have the option to start over with the process and choose a new health insurance company.

be careful, do not mix things up. 

Choosing a new insurer does not mean changing health systems. Once you are affiliated to the LAMal, you will not be allowed to go to the CMU as you please.

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