Who is obliged to subscribe to the basic health insurance (LAMal)

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Do you live in Switzerland? If so, you must subscribe to the LAMal. From the date of your arrival in Heidi’s country or the date of your birth, you (or your parents, in the 2nd case) have 3 months to get affiliated to basic health insurance.

There are a couple of exceptions, including:

– Federal employees (as they are subject to military insurance)

– People staying in Switzerland for medical treatment or training

– Under the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons, all persons who are gainfully employed in another country, who have the right of residence without gainful employment or who are entitled to a pension in an EU country (including Norway and Iceland)

– People who enjoy privileges under international law.

Some people may also apply for exemption from the insurance obligation if they have equivalent insurance coverage, for example

– Students who are temporarily staying in Switzerland,

– Or cross-border commuters and pensioners who have the right to select the health insurance of preferred country because they live in Germany, Austria, France or Italy for example.

Families with children on a low or average income are entitled to state support in the form of subsidies. Depending on your situation, the federal Administration will give you a monthly amount to help cover the premiums.

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