What are supplementary health insurances?

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Are you getting plenty healthcare bills and are wondering what you should send to your insurance? 

Actually, what is the difference between a basic insurance and a supplementary one? Is it really useful to have a supplementary one? 

What are supplementary health insurances for? 

Do you have a myopia problem? Did your dentist advise you to get braces? Do you want to give birth at a private clinic? Or get attractive discounts on your gym membership?  

Since neither of the above-mentioned cases are covered by the basic insurance, you will have to take out a supplementary insurance from the same company, or another insurance. 

As its name suggests, it is an optional insurance system that completes the benefits offered by the mandatory health insurance. While the latter aims to offer quality care to the entire population (exceptions may apply), the supplementary insurance aims to meet your specific needs. This is why the amounts, premiums and services vary from one insurance company to another. 

It can either be built into a global insurance solution (basic and supplementary insurance with the same insurance company) or be completely dissociated from your basic insurance. 

The supplementary insurance comes in three big categories: outpatient care, inpatient care and capital insurances

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