How much will you contribute to OASI (AHV) as a person without gainful activity?

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In principle, everyone must contribute to the OASI, even persons considered to be without gainful employment, that is, those who do not engage in an activity which generates income. I know what you are thinking: “thank you, Captain Obvious”. 

Hold on, there are also low-income persons. 

In this case, income is added to assets. The situation can be temporary or continuous, like for: 

  • Persons on early retirement 
    • Annuitants (leasing of property, annuity from abroad, inheritance) 
  • Beneficiaries of invalidity insurance annuities 
  • Students
  • Registered unemployed persons who are no longer eligible for benefits 
  • Insurees with a low-income activity, of which the annual contributions (including from the employer) do not reach 482 CHF per year, which amounts to a yearly income of 4702 CHF.
  • etc.

If you want to find out how much you should contribute, you’ve reached the point of the article where your head will start spinning. 

Take a deep breath… Let’s go ! 

Multiply your annual income by 20 and add your assets. Once you’ve identified your number, refer to the table below. 

Which range are you in? 

What are the annual contributions to the 1st pillar (AHV) paid by persons not in gainful employment?

So, not that bad right? Now that you know how much you will contribute to the OASI if you do not have a gainful activity! What if you have one?

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