In case of death, what will happen to my second pillar (LPP)?

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What would happen to my second pillar if I died suddenly? 

My spouse or my registered partner and my descendants will be entitled to a pension. 

Regarding my spouse, before she can receive this pension, she will have to meet at least one of the two following requirements:  

  • Be at least 45 years of age and have been married to the deceased since at least five years 
  • Have dependent children

If one of these requirements is met, then the widow(er)’s pension will amount to 60% of my disability pension or a fixed capital. 

Supposing my spouse, registered partner or my cohabitant partner does not meet any of these two requirements, she will nevertheless receive a one-time benefit of, on average, three annual pensions. 

Finally, the spouse’s or registered partner’s right to a pension is terminated in the event of death, remarriage, new registered partnership or new cohabitant partner. 

My second pillar will still be of service, should I go too soon.

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