OASI (AHV) contributions for employed persons

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OASI contributions for persons in gainful employment amount to 10.6% of their gross income. I was alarmed when I first read this! Then, I found out my employer would be footing half the bill. 

How much of the 1st pillar (AHV) contributions are paid by the employer and how much by the employee?

OASIcontributions for self-employed persons 

Unlike employed persons, self-employed persons must contribute in full on their own, according to their annual earnings. Therefore, OASIcontributions of self-employed persons are more onerousand globally, the contribution rate remains below that of an employed person (10%, compared with 10,6% as an employed person). 

Summary table of AHV contribution rates for self-employed persons according to their income

In addition, different OASI contributions exist for persons without a gainful activity

For more information, I would recommend that you go check out directly the website of those who are in charge of your first pillar (https://www.ahv-iv.ch/p/2.03.f). 

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