In the event of a divorce, what will happen to my second pillar (LPP)?

Let us address the delicate subject of the second pillar (LPP) in the event of a divorce. Aside from extraordinary measures, and even under a separation of property regime, LPP assets of both partners are summed, before being divided in two equal parts. 

How does a divorce affect the 2nd pillar assets of both spouses?

Under certain conditions and if both parties are in agreement, it is possible for you to forgo the splitting. Actually, this happens frequently in practice, as about 45% of divorces end without an equal splitting of the LPP assets. 

In case you or your (ex-)partner were not affiliated to a pension fund, half of all the couple’s LPP assets will be paid into a vested benefits account or vested benefits scheme, which will be opened for this purpose.

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