How much will my OASI (AHV) pension be?

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“Enough talking, give us numbers!” 

I know, I know. However, in order to understand the numbers, namely those concerning OASI pensions, I must first introduce them with a few words. After all, we are talking about your retirement here, what you work for during the entire course of your life. So please focus a little… 

First of all, the first pillar is the only knotty one. Not to say that it is stubborn, but is the only one that has an upper and a lower cap. The retirement pension ranges from a minimum of 1,195 CHF to a maximum of 2,390 CHF for a single person. 

Bad news for the lovebirds reading me: the maximum of the retirement pension for a married couple does not exceed 150% of a single person’s maximum. Thus the maximum pension for a married couple is 3,585 CHF.

What are the maximum first pillar pensions depending on marital status for retirement

We could stop here, if we wanted to press home, we could phrase this in various ways. In Switzerland: 

  • The maximal retirement pension for a married person is 597.50 CHF less than that of a single person. 
  • The maximal retirement pension for a married couple is 1,195 CHF lower compared with the amount of two maximal pensions for a “cohabitant partners” couple. 
Noé and Zoé show how 1st pillar (AVS) pensions work when you are single or married for retirement

What was it? Oh yes! When it comes to love, you do not count the cost… 

Up until now, it talked to you about maximal pensions but it does not end here. The pension depends on two factors: average income and contribution period. To receive a maximal OASI pension, one must already receive a full pension

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